PND – Tiff’s Story

I spent some months earlier this year immersed in the world of Perinatal Depression in production of a short film as part of a collection of 5 beautiful movies produced by Mosaic Films ( as part of their Animated Minds series. George Sander-Jackson was overall Creative Lead and from stories distilled from his interviews we set to work to illustrate the landscapes of the people who had been on this journey. The idea is to help women, partners, friends and family to spot the signs of PND and get help soon. The films are really worth a watch and will be available soon online …watch this space.

Animator help – Mara Fradella, Robyn Leibschner

Creative Lead – George Sander-Jackson

Sound and Music – Alex Parsons

Producer – Andy Wyatt for Mosaic Films

Thanks to Katie Daniels and Tiff


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