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Thanks to living with vegetarians Lucinda and Neil in the late 90’s and joining their ranks for 10 years or so I learned to love cooking. I look back to those day-long projects of hand rolling our own spring rolls for Thai dinners in the evening and wonder at our madness. I still make the food we made then although now have branched out a little into baking and into the slightly scary world of meat. Though it all appears fairly murky and mysterious, I am learning the ways of the steak and am moving forward with the search for the perfect cheeseboard. Both of these projects are normally in the company of a dear Ms Daniels.

Children have added another dimension to our world of food – we can now legitimately make cakes and biscuits a lot more and I blame pregnancy for my recently found love of grilled meat. Though we are currently trying to be thrifty and respectful about our meat eating and adopt a Chicken a week policy, followed generally by stock, cold cuts and risotto, or “soggy rice” depending on your perspective. We are a divided kitchen along the fault-lines of Risotto, Aubergines and Milky puddings.

I love gherkins and pate. And beetroot. And Kale. And a quality cheeseboard. Also Risotto, Aubergines, Creme Caramel and Bread and Butter Pudding.

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