Dear Dairy

Dear Dairy was my final year film at the RCA Animation course. It was written after being very inspired by one of Italo Calvino’s short stories. It involved a kind of wistfulness for the countryside whilst being surrounded by the city. Mr Palomar noticed small flowers growing in the cracks and heard cows being herded through the streets at night I think. I must re-read them and check exactly what was going on…Anyway Dear Dairy was about a man who basically was obsessed with dairy produce – not so delicate and subtle as Mr Calvino, but with the themes of idealisation of the rural Romantic idyll transposed to cheese. This time the computer was the means by which it moves…I drew images on paper and scanned them in to Photoshop. Composited in After Effects. Alex Ellerington made beautiful music and sound for it.

Directed and animated by Sally Arthur. Music + Sound + Music by Alex Ellerington. RCA. 2000.

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