About Pegs and Pencils

I am a self-employed creative who is currently also occupied by domestic life. I have produced and directed animated short films and commercials and co-ran a production company in Bristol – ArthurCox – for several years, before taking a break from work to be with my family.

I am interested in drawing, typography, screen-printing, growing things in our garden, sewing, crafts and arts and making things – be it excel spreadsheets or chocolate roulade…clearly there are better makes than others but I do like getting my teeth into either. I love making pictures and sometimes making them move although this seems to take a long time.

Life at home appears to be dominated by plates, pegs, laundry, lego, traintracks, spiderman, farts and tickling. Sometimes there is planting seeds, drawing, making stuff like cakes and biscuits. Then sometimes I do a bit of writing, drawing or paid work designing things for other people. Then back to the pegs, farts, legs and spiders.  Laundry, doorbell, catsick, recycling and cup of tea.

Pegs is home and stuff and life and stuff of life. Pencils is design, films, drawing, stuff of work. For now.


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