Mother of Many

This beautiful film was directed by Emma Lazenby and I produced it for ArthurCox, UK FilmCouncil, South West Screen and Channel 4. Emma was inspired her to make this homage to the work of the midwife by her own mother who looked after thousands of women during her years of work. The film uses some original recordings of births – some recorded years ago and some recorded recently. The sound was brilliantly designed by Barnaby Templar at Fonic and the music was composed by David Schweitzer. Editor was Mark Hewis and compositing by the talented and patient Jon Biggins. After doing extensive research and interviews Emma designed the film and animated most of it herself. So – the BAFTA it won was well deserved (Best Short Animation 2010). Hip Hip Hurray! I had a baby and got a BAFTA during the same week. Amazing.

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