A-Z is a film celebrating the work of Mrs P – Phyllis Pearsall – the founder of the Geographer’s Map Company who produce A-Z maps. I designed each shot and the wonderful Helene Friren animated Mrs P so beautifully for me. Olly at WeWriteMusic composed fantastic music and recorded it and Alex did Foley and Mix at Boom. Katie Daniels held everything together as producer in cahoots with Claire Jennings. Thank you all.

Directed written and designed by Sally Arthur. Sound by Alex Ellerington. Music and voices by Oliver Davis at WeWriteMusic. Produced by Katie Daniels/ArthurCox. 2007.

Won Best Documentary at Soho Rushes Short Film Festival 2008, Best Innovation film Exeter 2007, Best ‘Short Short’ at BAF 2008 and Best Music at San Gio Festival 2008.

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