Coppice a load of this

Lower Woods was our destination for a super walk last weekend – It had everything one might wish for in a walk – Mud, Arrows, wild flowers, shelter, piles of logs to picnic on, options for short cuts and a FREE MAP! We found it by typing ‘Walk Woods Bluebells’ into Google and got linked to the aptly named website which brings together all woods run by disparate organisations for your walking delectation.

On the day out I became increasingly intrigued with the workings of coppicing – really amazing way of working with the land to produce useful lengths of timber and to maintain a level of wildlife there instead of razing the trees to the ground. So here are some pictures of Wood Anemone, Violet and Primrose. Where are the Bluebells?….on their way…

Here are some images of the coppiced trees:

And look: Arrows – we LOVE the arrows as the children had something to focus on (when the allure of a stick and some mud had worn thin)…

And here – the bluebells – a light haze of blue potential really. Oh and here is a dead hedge. When in the woods one can see where old dead hedging has created raised areas of land as soil and leaves and creatures have moved in and the area is left to breathe (or some other more horticultural term) for a few years. All very clever…..A really lovely and interesting day out.

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