creepy potato

“Mummy what’s that? Ooooh….”(peering closely)

“Is it a potato?” “oh how did a potato get all the way over here?”

A sick feeling in the stomach as I see the tiny claws…the no head. Not a potato. A tiny bird. but green…with no feathers I think. The man I love is in hospital waiting to have his appendix out. I sweat a bit and my blood is hot and racing as I scoop the headless creature up into a bag whilst trying to remain unflustered so as not to freak the children out. They would probably be fine to look at it some more but it is freaking me out. I think of Walter the cat-hating nature man in ‘Freedom’ and look at our big Tabby – wondering if he is capable of biting a head from a potato bird. Or did its head just roll off after it hit the ground. Must phone ward 9.

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